How to make Homemade Dog Shampoo

| April 2, 2012 | 9 Replies

My dog Rasta was badly in need of a bath yesterday but we had run out of dog shampoo.  I searched online for a homemade dog shampoo recipe and came across a few.  I didn’t follow an exact recipe, but I used ingredients that most of the recipes called for.  For my recipe, all you’ll need is apple cider vinegar, dawn dishwashing liquid, water and glycerin.  I normally wouldn’t have glycerin, but we recently bought it to make a bubble solution for my daughters.  I think the recipe would still work without the glycerin. 

1st – I got an empty baby shampoo bottle.  (you can use any empty bottle)
2nd – I added equal parts of the original Dawn dish washing liquid (blue colored) and apple cider vinegar. 
3rd – I added some water to the mix as well as a little glycerin. 

Both the Dawn and apple cider vinegar are said to repel fleas, and they are both good for the dogs skin and coat.  After using the shampoo I noticed his coat seemed softer then usual.  He also smelled nice and fresh as the vinegar is said to deodorize!  He  did smell a little like vinegar right after his bath, but as he dried the vinegar smell went away. 

I highly recommend making your own dog shampoo.  It costs so much less then what you’d pay for in the store, and it works so well!  It’s also gentle and free of harsh chemicals. 

Try it out, and tell me how it worked for your dog…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Love this and will definitely try this.

  2. I am totally going to try this too!! Where do you get glycerin? I am sure that must feel soothing on the skin and helps the dogs not to dry out. I also heard about the Dawn liquid to kill and repel fleas!!

  3. Laura M. says:

    Such a great idea. I never would have thought that dish soap would work!

  4. Shan says:

    Cool, thanks for sharing! I’m going to try this for sure!

  5. Maria Oller says:

    Awesome wonder if it works for kittens too

  6. Kim says:

    This is a really great idea! Thanks for sharing :)

  7. deborah d says:

    Great idea. I love low cost ideas that work.

  8. Danielle D says:

    This seems like it would make a nice doggie shampoo! Our pup isn’t a huge fan of baths, so we tend to have more shampoo left on the tub then the dog as times lol. This would be much cheaper!

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