Tuxedo Chocolate Mousse Cake – I found this at Costco!

| March 15, 2012 | 6 Replies

If you’re a Costco member, you may have noticed some of their tasty looking desserts.  Have you tried any of them?  I found this lovely Tuxedo Chocolate Mousse Cake last  Saturday on our monthly Costco run and I just had to get it!  It is definetely as good as it looks, actually it’s even better!  It’s nicely sized and at $15.99 it was well worth it.  You can’t tell by the pictures, but it’s over a foot long!  Between my husband, daughter, and I we still haven’t finished it up!  This would look beautiful on a dessert table at your next party!  Unfortunately Costo changes up it’s desserts from time to time so I don’t know how long this one will be available, or where it is available, but if you happen to see this dessert at your local Costco, it’s definetely worth a try!

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  1. Joni Mason says:

    This looks yummy! It is beautiful as well, and not a bad price for a cake that big!

  2. KiKi says:

    I bought this exact same cake for my son’s birthday. It looked so delicious and elegant. However, nobody liked it. I don’t think the filling is a true “mousse”. The filling was very bitter tasting and the texture was nothing like mousse. The kids would not touch the filling. Too bad for such a beautiful cake.

    • malia says:

      awww…that’s too bad. Ours wasn’t bitter at all, it was delicious! I REALLY want to buy it again, but I’m afraid I’d eat the whole thing!

  3. Joey says:

    I too bought this cake and frankly it tasted like cheesecake and almost made me vomit. I do not and have never liked cheesecake. The problem is I had to throw out the entire cake because I couldn’t figure out which layer actually tasted worse….I would have eaten the chocolate parts but they also tasted cheesy, maybe it was bitter but it tasted cheesy…

  4. HJ says:

    My friend gave this to me as a gift today, and I really love it! Very tasty!

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