PomTree Twinkle Top Treehouse Playset, Sticker Tub, & Sticker Storybook *2013 Holiday Gift idea*

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PomTree  Products for kids


When I saw the PomTree line of products, I thought they were super cute and unique.  They definitely looked like fun for kids, and I liked that it was something I could do with my girls.  I received three items, the Twinkle Top Treehouse Playset, Stuffed Full of Fun Sticker Tub, and Our Day on the Town Sticker Storybook.

The playset looked pretty neat in the box and I thought it would be easy to put together.  It’s recommended for children ages 5+.  The re-useable box even states that it’s Fun and Easy to make and no glue is needed.  I love mess free products, so I was excited to start putting the treehouse together.  Unfortunately, it took me a lot longer than expected.  The directions were very basic, and really didn’t explain much, especially being that there are 275 pieces.  The directions also seemed to leave out some important steps and details.  The pieces aren’t labeled, so you kind of have to figure things out on your own.  I got pretty frustrated trying to figure out how to put it all together.  If not better directions, more pictures of the finished product from all angles would have helped as well.  After about an hour of working to put the Treehouse together, it looked pretty good.  The finished treehouse measures 11.25 inches tall.  The pieces are made of foam and chipboard and held up okay, but the finished product is still quite flimsy.  I can’t see how it would work with a child actually playing with it because the house kept falling forward, it just isn’t sturdy enough.  I am thinking I could have done something wrong with the setup, maybe there is a way to make it more sturdy, but as far as I can tell I followed all the directions that were given to me.  The finished product is very cute, and would make for a great decoration in a childs room.  I like the bright colors, little details and the fact that you can customize it with the included stickers.  I don’t think children would be able to put this together on their own, but they can definitely help out with a few things like adding the finishing touches.   There are other really cute playsets to choose from as well.  This one retails for just $9.99.





The second item I received is the Stuffed Full of Fun Sticker Tub.  It includes 676 pieces of assorted mixed media kids stickers.  In this sticker tub you’ll find foam, felt, and paper stickers.  It’s perfect for kids who like to get creative!  They can use the stickers for crafts and to customize the playscapes and sticker books.  I like the variety that each bucket offers.  I chose the girls bucket and it includes everything from hearts and rainbow stickers to cats and ice cream cones!  This is something my daughter would love!  You can purchase the large sticker tub for $9.99.  There are also some small tubs available for $6.99.


bucket of stickers PomTree

The last item I received is the Our Day on the Town Sticker Storybook.  It’s my favorite out of all three of the PomTree products.  With this storybook kids can create their own story with the included stickers.  There are 879 stickers, so you know you’re child will have hours of fun with this sticker book.  Being that my six year old has been getting better at reading, this would be perfect for her.  She’ll be able to read the story and add on the stickers to customize the pages as she wishes.  The only thing I’d do different would be to make the stickers removable so it can be played with over and over agin.  The pages are made of paper, so once you place a sticker, it’s pretty much stuck there.  Recommended for ages 3+, the Sticker Storybook sells for just $5.99.


sticker storybook



PomTree does have a nice line of products that fosters a child’s creativity.  I like that these products are something that can be worked on with parents so you can get some quality time in while doing something fun.  I also like that all of the products are very reasonably priced.


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Disclosure:  I received these products for review purposes.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Deb E says:

    That’s a lot of stickers for a little cash. I just love them (even as an adult) I have a bunch of Hello Kitty stickers I put on cards and letters so I know they’re fun for kids. This tree house IS really unique too.

  2. Savannah miller says:

    This set looks like so much fun for kids! I can think of several little girls who would love to find this under the tree from Santa this year :)

  3. Maria says:

    These look so adorable for little girls. My daughter would have loved this. Going to share with my friends.

  4. Jean says:

    Oh my goodness, my daughters would go nuts over that sticker tub! They would probably really like the Treehouse, too. They would love to use it as a playhouse for their mini Lalaloopsy dolls!

  5. Teresa Daine Null says:

    My 5 year old granddaughter would be thrilled to have this!!~

  6. Elizabeth says:

    I have an eight year old and I bet she would absolutely love that! I have also been leaning towards giving crafty gifts to her friends for birthdays, and this would fit the bill nicely. Thanks for sharing!

  7. How adorable is that? I used to love stickers when I was a kid!

  8. Jenn says:

    I love that tree house! Its like taking paper dolls to a whole other level!! Much durable for younger hands too!

  9. Sarah Bailey says:

    What a great looking playset – I don’t think you can beat stickers they are always such fun as well :) x

  10. These two will surely be a hit for my young daughter who loves assembling toys and stickers.

  11. I like the idea that it does not require glue. I have a 4 yo I bet even though he does not meet the age requirements he would still enjoy it.

  12. Garf says:

    I love the treehouse playset. My nieces would definitely like it.

  13. What a cute gift idea, the tree house is really cute, too bad it is so flimsy.

  14. Dena Sablotny says:

    This is such a cute set, I’d be tempted to play with it myself if I won! giggle

  15. Christina says:

    I am in love with the tree house!! I like your honest take on the directions. Some of these millions of pieces kits have almost put me in tears, but it looks like you figures it out. Def will check these out for my 2 girls.

  16. Marysa says:

    I had never heard of this line of products before, but someone bought my daughter the treehouse. She had so much fun putting it together, what a cute craft! I’ll have to check out their other crafts!

  17. Amanda says:

    These look like fun! I loved stuff like this when I was a kid. When my daughter is a little older, I’ll have to get here some of these sticker kits.

  18. Cathie Robb says:

    My granddaughters would have loads of fun with these prizes!

  19. Erika Messer says:

    Oh this is too cute! My daughter loves to put this kind of stuff together and stickers – well they are her absolute favorite! Super cute :)

  20. Prudence Hayes says:

    Such a cute idea and looks like hours of fun :)

  21. marissa lee says:

    this is too cute..any little one will have a lot of fun with this.

  22. Michelle F. says:

    Would love that for my daughter.

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